Bashundhara Invests Tk 2000cr in Food Sector : Quality atta, flour, suji to hit market soon


Bashundhara Group, in its latest move to meet consumers’ demand for quality food items, is set to hit the local commodity market soon with its super premium-grade atta, flour and suji.

True to its trend of successful businesses, the country’s leading business conglomerate has come up with Tk 2000-crore investment in food sector to ensure quality products for consumers.

Bashundhara has equipped the giant factory with Italian plant machinery at the plant site on the bank of river Buriganga.

So, when other corporate houses have been using European machinery, the advent of Bashundhara in the super premium markets with king-brand atta, flour and suji will be welcomed, hopes company officials.

Secondly, the wisdom and publicity of Bashundhara in procuring main raw material, wheat, is much open. Meanwhile, Bashundhara has taken full preparation to import superior-grade coarse red wheat and white wheat from North America, Europe and Australia to cater the consumers with foodstuffs of their choice.

World-famous wheat growing farms have agreed to uninterruptedly supply wheat required for the country’s largest flour mill owned by Bashundhara Group with capacity for manufacturing 1,000 tonnes of flour daily.

Thirdly, atta, flour and suji have become a popular food in Bangladesh, raising annual wheat consumption to 40 lakh. For this, the pre-processing and post-processing stages are very important before obtaining final products from wheat.

“In reality the achievements we have attained in the field of paddy cannot be compared with that for wheat. From that lacking, Bashundhara Group is setting up a research plant equipped with modern equipment, which is under process,” said an official.

Fourthly, this has become a noble endeavor as the journey of production in the industrial unit has started based on knowledge, experience and innovations. The standard and set up of units of three top-ranking atta-producing groups of China have deeply been examined and followed through research.

In order to enhance the quality of products, Bashundhara is following the high-standard automation system that Kofco and Wilmer have been adopting. Besides, this would reduce the prices of essentials as the production process under this system requires less manpower.

Woodly, the best atta-producing company of China, has the capacity of producing 35,000 tonnes daily. They are also using European machinery. Similarly Bashundhara is also using environment-friendly machines like them.

Fifthly, the existing brands of Bangladesh, for some reasons, often fail to strictly maintain standards of their produces.

In Bangladesh atta, flour and suji consuming market began in the sixties of last century. So, the outlook of the consumers is much matured. Bashundhara is firmly determined on maintaining that matured outlook.

The products manufactured from the newly-established gorgeous giant factory of Bashundhara Food and Beverage Ltd (BFBL) under various brands like Bashundhara Brand, King’s Crown Brand will hit the local market soon. The consumers will then start feeling that their untold expectations are going to be fulfilled, the company official said.

Sixthly, at the research stage it has been proved that nutritious ingredients are extinct during their processing. In the developed countries, these lost ingredients of atta-flour are substituted by adding iron, vitamin-B and calcium artificially. An experiment to this end was taken up here by UNICEF about a decade ago.

In that light Bashundhara has taken up a plan to produce and market atta, flour and suji enriched with the lost nutritious ingredients.

Seventh, according to the philosophy of Bashundhara Group’s architect, Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, the food and beverage of Bashundhara Group will reach the consumers with their best quality but at reasonable prices.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ‘Certainly, the outcome of all deeds depends on the intention.’

The logo of the Italian machinery supplier company Mill Servoce has similarity with that of Bashundhara Food and Beverage Ltd (BFBL), the official pointed out. The logo with first alphabets MS with two eyes engraved on a square is similar to the logo of the Italian company.

Eighth, the Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB) in its credit rating report has expressed positive attitude towards the initiatives of Bashundhara Group.

In the CRAB report, Bashundhara management, for its professionalism and already-established wider distribution network across the country, has been described as an actual positive force for entering the competitive market.

The BFBL network comprising 2500 manpower is spread from the corporate house in Dhaka to the factory in Pangaon, and from there to the stores and shops at marginal levels.

That is why the leading wholesale markets of Khatunganj, Moulvibazar and Nitaiganj are eagerly waiting to welcome BFBL products and also for sending those to the consumers’ houses.

It will be possible to transport the products easily and cheaply to the depots and the distributors through the river ways as the factory is located on the bank of river Buriganga.

It is not a challenge at all for Bashundhara to maintain production and marketing of 1000 tonnes of products daily.

Especially, the business talent and strategic management of the industrial and marketing personality and country’s top entrepreneur like Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is pioneering among the top personalities of the country, for which he has become an icon in the business and industrial arena.

Atta, flour and suji, the produces of Bashundhara, those are going to flood the local market across the country in clean and attractive packets with a feelings of purity is going to become a flagship in the history of the country’s food industry.

Bashundhara supports the practical industrial initiatives of the developed countries considering the country’s food and health security. Indrajit Mahalanbish, Chief of Production of BFBL informed that it is possible by adding process technology only.

Bashundhara is firmly determined to implement such projects for the sake of national health and food security. Prior to this, it is important to initiate programmes to create psychological and consciousness awareness among the consumers.

The best-quality products of BFBL with reasonable prices were supposed to reach the consumers in 2010. But the interim three years were utilized for research, devotion and practical market study.

The ocean-going ships owned by BFBL are anchoring domestic ports carrying quality wheat from the countries of different continents, in one hand, while the qualified workforce of the giant ultra modern factories are eager to go for production.

BFBL, as a whole, with all consumers, experienced suppliers and delighted dealers, is ready to mark induction of the new products hitting the local market. The happy moment is nearing.

Bashundhara-brand BFBL food products will soon be recognised as the best foodstuffs in the country for their high-standard quality, the officials hoped.

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