Bashundhara cement praised as high-quality product


National Housing Authority Chairman Shahid Ullah Khandkar speaks at a technical seminar organised by Bashundhara Cement at the auditorium of National Housing Authority on Thursday. On his left is Md Saiful Islam Helali, chief marketing officer of Bashundhara Cement, and engineer Akhlima Zahir Rita, member planning, on his right.

Bashundhara Cement, a concern of the country’s leading business conglomerate Bashundhara Group, arranged a view-exchange meeting with the engineers of National Housing Authority (NHA) Thursday where the participants praised international standards of the building material.

The engineers of NHA, a statutory body of the public sector housing, praised the quality of Bashundhara Cement unequivocally during the meeting.

They observed that in consideration of the country’s weather, Bashundhara cement purely adjusts with any kind of concrete structures.

While addressing the function, NHA Chairman Md Shahid Ullah Khandaker said things are changing rapidly with new things replacing the old ones.

“By maintaining the same high quality of its cement, Bashundhara Group will lead the country’s cement market very soon” Md Shahid Ullah Khandaker observed.

“As Bashundhara Cement uses the latest technology in producing its products, I hope the engineers will start preferring Bashundhara cement to any other brands” he added.

Md Saiful Islam Helali, Chief Marketing Officer of Bashundhara Cement, told the view-exchange meeting that “We always believe in quality and for this reason, our cement is produced in a VRM plant with the use of latest German technology.”

“The use of VRM plant ensures the highest durability and comprehensive strength of our cement” he opined.

He also expressed hope that Bashundhara Cement will lead the country’s cement sector by 2015.

Engineer Md Azharul huq (member land), Engineer Enamul Huq (member admin), Engineer Sanwar Ali (member engineering), Engineer Akhlima Zahir Rita (member planning) along with others NHA engineers and several high officials of Bashundhara Group, among others, were present at the view-exchange meeting.

Saroj Kumar Barua, Manager of Technical Support for the cement sector of Bashundhara Group, made a PowerPoint presentation before the NHA delegation on various aspects of Bashundhara Cement during the meeting.

In his presentation, Saroj Kumar pointed out that Bashundhara Cement generates low temperature which reduces the risk of creating fracture to the structure.

As a result of using clinker and slug, this cement is suitable to be used in salty land too, he said, adding that their cement is produced is such a way that also makes it suitable for constructing bridge, multi-storey building and even any underground structure.

Bashundhara Cement hit the local market in November last year.

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